About us

Tipsly is a privately owned software company based out of Southern California. We have partnered with ASX-Listed Big Un Limited in developing a businesss-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) technology platform that connects business owners with their customers. 

 This website is a working example of how Tipsly can power a social media video review platform such as Big Review TV. 

 Business owners, through this platform, will have the tools to effectively market their content and attract the right customers. This is a much more effective way to market relative to mainstream platforms.

 In the case of Big Review TV, businesses reward the customer for creating real, candid video reviews which can be shared with peers. This creates an ecosystem and allows a user to direct their peers to a favourite venue. It is all about creating a community.

 Our core belief is that technology is an enabler for small and large businesses to better connect with their customers